The AKEDA Foundation was established to support the people of the Central African Republic (RCA), who have been facing enormous political problems and related internal armed conflicts for over 60 years. AKEDA, together with the Polish missionary, brother Benedykt Pączka OFMCap, is building the first music school in RŚA under the slogan “Instruments instead of weapons”.

We also use the experience of working with internally displaced people in work for the benefit of Ukrainian refugees. AKEDA conducts a number of activities aimed at comprehensively supporting all people who have found themselves in Poland or are staying in Ukraine and need any support.

The AKEDA Foundation also runs a cultural project called Fraternia “Reconciliation”. We work with three icon writers, with whom we organize events that bring the Mystery hidden in the icon closer, which in the current situation of the war in Ukraine acquires an additional, symbolic meaning.

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