AKEDA for Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the AKEDA foundation has been cooperating with the Slavic Mission in Europe, with which it jointly runs an aid center for Ukrainians at Berka Joselewicza 21 in Krakow. At the moment, over 3,000 people are under the care of the center. In addition to the center (900 m2), 20 apartments are rented, where refugee families are left behind. We also work with hotel chains that have made their spaces available to refugees from Ukraine.

As part of the center, we provide: accommodation, clothing, food, medical care. We also cooperate with Social Welfare Corporation Fukudenkai Tokyo. The Japanese partner supports the operation of the center on Berka Joselewicza. Weekly operation of the center in all dimensions is approx. PLN 100,000.

AKEDA also works in cooperation with the shipping company Done! Deliveries – the initiator of the Carrieres4Ukraine aid program dedicated to Ukrainian drivers and their families. The Foundation is responsible for the verification of persons entered into the program and the coordination of aid activities, such as: organization of a place to live, documents, food, clothes, places in schools for children, medical and legal assistance. You can read more about the program on the website: pomocamy.donedeliveries.com, which also has a dedicated fundraiser.

At present, AKEDA begins cooperation with ZONTA FOUNDATION from Taiwan. Together, we will provide support for Ukrainians in Poland and organize transports with food and medicines to Ukraine.

AKEDA works mainly to support refugees in Poland, because the needs in this area are huge, and humanitarian transports are sent to Ukraine by large, international consortia (in Poland, for example, PAH). However, we answer inquiries from our friends who are in Ukraine, which is why we have also sent 2 transports to Ukraine: food transport for PLN 50,000 to Vinnitsa and powerbanks for PLN 120,000, thanks to which the population of the besieged cities can have access to energy electricity and thus connectivity with the outside world. At the moment, we are preparing a medical transport, as part of it, we will purchase an ambulance, which will help provide assistance to people injured in combat.

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