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The AKEDA Foundation was set up to change the world. Our mission is to be present wherever it is necessary. We support people and communities. We have been building the first music school in the Central African Republic where we also launched the campaign ‘Instruments instead of guns’.

In 2022 AKEDA’s team works to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland. We organized the shelter in Cracow. AKEDA has sent 3 convoys with essential products to Ukraine. At this moment we are preparing to launch the campaign to rebuild Bucha, town close to Kiev.  





AKEDA educates teenegers and adults about African cultures. We try to show that together we can change the world.




Inicjujemy wydarzenia, które łączą widzów z ambitną sztuką. Angażujemy się
w przedsięwzięcia, które pokazują
w nowatorski sposób wartości chrześcijańskie.




We are active in many fields by supporting people in need. AKEDA works in the Central African Republic. Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine we have been working for refugees in Poland and the Ukrainians who are in their country.