Fraternity ‘Reconciliation’

AKEDA supports 3 authors of Icons. The Icon is a traditional artifact typical for the Orthodox church. Today, during the war in Ukraine, it became a symbol of our unity with brave Ukrainians defending their country. It is also a sign of our openness for all of the refugees who are in Poland and different countries. We organize exhibitions or publish catalogs. Our aim is to look for dialog between different groups of people.

The brothers of the community of San Damiano also want to renew the church by creating a strong bond between the faithful and God. The emergence of a new relationship is to be possible thanks to art. During the workshops introducing the art of writing icons, participants will be able to find their individual paths connecting them with the Creator.

As the Brothers themselves write in their Statutes:

“[…] The community of San Damiano has a missionary character, and its special way of proclaiming the Gospel is art, especially iconography with all mystagogy based on Tradition, which can integrally, progressively and holistically become a form of initiation into Christianity and the transmission of the deposit of faith.”

The AKEDA Foundation joined the activities of the newly established community to help the brothers in their mission. The Foundation conducts activities aimed at, inter alia, fundraising to support the brothers in their “itinerant mission”.

Please contact us if you want to join the brothers’ activities. We are open to various forms of cooperation. Everyone who wants to help the San Damiano community will find a place for themselves.

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